Founded a quarter of a century ago, Bensons Property Group operates under an important principle: the desire to create residences of distinction that enrich the community and the lives of residents. Proudly Australian-owned, we have delivered over $2 billion worth of homes in premium locations. Welcome to the Bensons Experience.


Each Bensons Property Group development is a showcase of architectural design, quality finishes and a desirable lifestyle in the best locations – areas close to the city centre, with easy access to community infrastructure, essential services, and vibrant and culturally-rich venues.


Each Bensons Property Group residence is built to make an enduring impression on our landscape – to be equally enjoyed and admired. It is of its time yet designed to be timeless. It is forward-thinking and explores new limits so that it will stay relevant for decades to come. But it is reliable too, using tested advances and features.


We deliver on our promises, on the homes that we create, which are dependable and reliable, and built on time. Every step we take is designed to maintain our reputation and deepen our relationships with our customers, partners and investors.


Our vision is to provide exceptional living options and premium experiences, whilst always making a positive contribution to the lives of residents.