Bensons Property Group deliver on promises. Over the last 20 years we have completed over $2 billion worth of quality developments across Melbourne. An ongoing testament to our unique focus.

Bensons Funds Management

Bensons Property Group, through its wholly owned subsidiary Bensons Funds Management Pty Ltd, is the holder of Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) Number 306326 which is issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) – Australia’s corporate, markets, and financial services regulator. This license, which is only issued to organizations that meet ASIC’s stringent regulatory requirements, allows Bensons Funds Management to raise and manage investment funds.

Bensons Funds Management was established to provide external investors with the opportunity to access the extensive property development and investment expertise of Bensons Property Group.

The Bensons team has extensive skills and experience in every aspect of real estate, including due diligence, investment, management, finance and development. The success of our business is enhanced by our long held, carefully nurtured, strong external relationships, the accumulation of knowledge, the execution of clearly defined strategies and delivering value to investors.

Through its strong network of industry contacts and partners, Bensons has ongoing access to numerous on and off-market investment opportunities. This facilitates Bensons Funds Management’s ability to source and acquire assets at various stages of their investment life cycle.


Bensons Funds Management continues to establish a range of unlisted property investment and development funds for wholesale investors1.

Over the past decade, Bensons Funds Management has successfully established and managed a range of investment and development funds for wholesale investors, including complying funds for the purposes of the Australian Significant Investment Visa (SIV) programme.

The Group is focused on the delivery of the group’s extensive project development pipeline, which is estimated to have a completion value of approximately $800 million and will contribute strongly to the Group’s financial results over the next three to five years.

Bensons Funds Management is now ideally positioned strategically, operationally and financially to take maximum advantage of current market conditions and opportunities. All investment offers issued are tailored to local and international wholesale investors with a focus on total return.

Qualifying investors are able to reap the rewards of Bensons Property Group’s undoubted ability to continue achieving sound and profitable growth.

For more information regarding current high yielding investment offers contact Rick Curtis, Managing Director on +61 3 8602 0840 or email


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博盛地产开发集团的全资子公司博盛基金管理公司,持有澳大利亚证券与投资委员会(ASIC)颁发的 澳大利亚金融服务牌照(AFSL),编号为306326。澳大利亚证券与投资委员会是一个对澳大利亚企业 、金融市场和金融服务业行使监管职能的政府部门。澳大利亚金融服务牌照仅授予那些符合该委员会的 严格法规要求的企业。此牌照准许博盛基金管理公司募集资金和从事基金管理。

博盛地产开发集团成立博盛基金管理公司是为了让广大的投资者有机会借助于其广泛的房地产开发和投 资经历来参与房地产投资。

博盛的管理团队在房地产业的各方面均拥有丰富的技能和经验,包括尽职调查,投资,管理,金融和开 发。我们企业的成功建立在我们长期以来所积累的知识和与各界精心培育的良好关系,以及不断实施明 确的战略决策和为投资者创造价值的基础之上。

通过其庞大的行业合作网络,博盛可以接触到大量公开交易和私下交易的地产投资机会。这有助于博盛 基金管理公司寻找并收购处于不同开发阶段的房地产项目。

博盛基金管理公司将不断为大额投资者(wholesale investors)成立一系列房地产投资和开发的私募基 金。

在过去的十年中,博盛基金管理公司已经成功地为许多大额投资者成立和管理了一系列的房地产投资和 开发基金,包括符合澳大利亚重大投资者签证(SIV)相关政策的基金产品。

博盛地产开发集团目前专注于完成开发中的众多项目。这些项目的预计价值总量为$5亿元澳币,在未来 三到五年将大力推动集团的财务业绩。



目前,博盛基金管理公司在战略、运营、和财务方面都处于理想的位置,并有能力获益于当前市场所带 来的机遇。博盛所发行的投资产品都是按本地和国际大额投资者的总投资回报要求而设定。


如您想进一步了解博盛目前在发行的高回报投资产品,请联系Rick Curtis,执行董事+61 3 8602 0840,或电子邮件

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